We have designed an English Pre-K course for young learners who just started to learn the English language. Our digital method is mobile friendly. Parents can teach their children from mobile also.

We have included intelligence and cognitive skill development content with this digital course. Kids can practice again and again to make them confident about the course content. In this sample page we have included practice quizzes only. Detail learning material will find in our course after subscription.

We have designed our quiz sets interactive and fun ways like a kid’s game.

English Course Practice Quiz Sample

AListen BListenCListenDListenEListenFListenGListenHListenIListenJListenKListenLListenMListenNListenOListenPListenQListenRListenSListenTListenUListenVListenWListenXListenYListenZListen

Drag the word from the middle column and match with the similar word in the coloured rectangular box.

Dialogue cards help children to see words, images, sounds, and translation in the native language. Parents should play with their children so that they can think its a game. First, let them see the image, listen sound, turn the card, and ask the name in English and vice versa. If they give the wrong answers, appreciate their effort, and ask to practice more.

Drag the word to the correct image

When you will play flashcards, click on the card to see another side of the card. To hear the sound, click on the audio sign. During matching the colours, click on the round spot on the colour and click on that colour name text button. During the spell check test, listen to the sound and type the answer, press enter.

Verbs indicate the actions, processes, conditions, or states of beings of people or things. Verbs are many types which we will introduce step by step in our next courses.

Adjectives are used almost exclusively to modify nouns, as well as any phrase or part of speech functioning as a noun. For example:

• “John wears red glasses.” (Red modifies the noun glasses.)
• “A loud group of students passed by.” (Loud modifies the noun phrase group of students.) • “Excellent writing is required for this job.” (Excellent modifies the gerund writing.)

We will introduce different types of adjectives in our next courses.

If this simple way, parents can train their children. They will build up a habit to compare any concept or object, whether they see it.

Receptive Vocabulary

We have six shapes in below row. Drag the missing shape to the blank space and complete the pattern.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.






Object assembly increases cognitive and fine motor skills during the early childhood years and significantly increases positive attitudes that are fundamental for the child’s self-esteem. The use of manipulative objects to be assembled seems to be a way to promote the development of specific essential childhood skills.  

Please try to use the Google Chrome browser because HTML5 Programs support the percentage of this browser is higher than other browsers.

We have placed here a model of an image and its parts. It would be best if you made the model by dragging the pieces into the empty canvas. For your understanding, we have guided you in the first one through a video. The remaining tasks you try to do yourself.

Many other creative lessons you will find in our original course. Purchase now at a 50% discounted price, and it will encourage us to develop more courses.

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