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Learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming is significant for our future as a global society. Knowledge of computer programming is a specific profession in the present world; instead, this knowledge can automate processes, collect data, analyze information, and share knowledge irrespective of any job to innovate and improve upon existing methods continuously.

While computer programming is essential today, it may be even more impactful in the future. As computer programmers worldwide work to learn new ways of communicating with machines and computers, the field will continue to grow. Earning your computer programming degree now means you can be part of that research and testing to develop functions that can help society.
Computer programming is essential today because so much of our world is automated. Humans need to be able to control the interaction between people and machines. Since computers and devices can do things efficiently and accurately, we use computer programming to harness that computing power.

The best way to determine what programming languages to learn is to know what skills you will need to be a successful computer programmer. As a career also it is now high demanding.
In this course, we will teach HTML, CSS, and Javascript, which require developing any modern web and mobile applications. After completing this course, students can build a website.

This course will guide the students to enter the Computer Programming World. And, it will develop their confidence and dive into the future world surrounded by full of technology.

Requirements to complete this course:

  1. A Desktop or Laptop PC
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Visual Studio Code (This is free and we will guide the installation process).
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