Unit 01: English Letter Identification Pre-K

English Letters Lowercase:

AListen BListenCListenDListenEListenFListenGListenHListenIListenJListenKListenLListenMListenNListenOListenPListenQListenRListenSListenTListenUListenVListenWListenXListenYListenZListen

English Letters Uppercase:


A is for AppleListen
C is for CatListen
E is for ElephantListen
G is for GoatListen
I is for IronListen
K is for KiteListen

M is for MangoListen

O is for OrangeListen
Q is for QueenListen
S is for SealListen
U is for UmbrellaListen

W is for WhaleListen

B is for BallListen
D is for DuckListen
F is for FishListen
H is for HorseListen
J is for JeepListen
L is for LionListen
N is for NestListen
P is for PenguinListen

R is for RabbitListen
T is for TigerListen
V is for VegetablesListen
X is for XylophoneListen

Y is for YachtListen
Z for ZebraListen

More and more practicing this quiz will help children to recognise the letters and this will develop their writing skills also. From the right side of the bottom bar you can choose quiz mode. During matching game click on round spot and then matching text. In flashcard game click on flashcard to turn the card and press audio button to listen audio.

Write uppercase letter in the blank.

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