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What is ALOHA? (Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic)

Are you looking for integrated courses to stimulate the brain activity and development of your children especially during the pandemic years? Look nowhere else because Aloha has you covered.  Aloha (Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic) mental math is an integrated and accredited international training program in mathematics for children ages 4-14 years. Courses are provided both in class and with online/digital classes. ALOHA classes are personalized and small in size with a maximum of one teacher for every 5 students. Classes meet once a week for 90 minutes and include homework. Students can sign up for this course for free with a pre-paid admission course fee and a monthly fee. This course can be a preparation for the future education of your children. It can be considered a headstart in analytical and critical thinking and a leap into a potential STEM course of study for further studies in the future.

Initiated by founder Mr. Loh Mun Sung from Malaysia in 1993, Bangladesh has branches located all over where students can sign up for free for digital courses. There will be a monthly fee to pay which is structured on the official website (

Why should children get a headstart in math?

Did you know language and math are interconnected? This is why children need to learn math ahead of time so that cognitive skills develop faster. Math stimulates critical and analytical thinking and requires learning and exploring new and specific terms. These terms are precise words to ensure clarity of the meaning of words. This way the understanding of vocabulary in children from a young age is clear and rich, which in turn helps the kids excel in other fields of study such as language, communication, arts, and science.

Abacus Learning

You might wonder why use abacus and learn, won’t this be an added pressure and stress on children? Honestly, it is not so. ALOHA is not only a terrific learning center but it is also a cognitive (brain) development center. Children from all over the world undergo the Aloha mental math course without any stress; rather they gather knowledge while having fun learning new words and techniques to problem solving. With more advanecement in technology and science, the world requires more than an academic background and brain, the world requires more of a flexible brain with changing working environment. So, to compete with this changing environment, we need to provide our children with cognitive development, critical thinking and creative writing.

ALOHA Abacus Mental math course stimulates all of the 100 billion neurons that consist of a child’s brain. Using a traditional abacus, children learn how to calculate mentally and use their hands on the device to understand and develop rationality. Initially, children will learn basic numbers, counting, matching, and measurement with ALOHA mental math. Expert teachers create and provide a learning environment where it is engaging for children. Many activities include reading books out aloud, singing songs, and reciting rhymes. Math will also be taught with help of materials such as blocks, legos, construction straws, and an abacus. Children learn how to use an Abacus – a computing instrument used for calculation.ALOHA not only provides a free Abacus device but also provides books and a syllabus.

Aloha Math Bangladesh

Aloha Math is available all over Bangladesh with branches open in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Bogura and Rangpur. The courses are designed in a way so that it takes 2 hours during any day of the weekend over the whole month. 4 classes are considered 1 session and 1 session is considered 1 level. After the training there will be an online exam which will be taken after every session. As a whole, certification of course is awarded upon completion of all sessions.

List of Certification: 

  1. After completing the 3rd level exam, students will be awarded Basic in Mental Arithmetic Certificate in ALOHA Senior Course.
  2. After completing the 6th level exam, student will be awardeda Master in Mental Arithmetic Certificatein ALOHA Senior Course.
  3. After completing the 8th level exam, students will be awarded a Grand Master in Mental Arithmetic Certificate in ALOHA Senior Course.

Course Fees and other information in Bangladesh

Signing up for in class or online classes is free. The fee structure of the Aloha mental math course is quite affordable. The payment of fee is pre-paid which means students have to pay tuition fees in advance before the child is registered to the ALOHA program. The supplies for studies such as books and abacus are free of cost.

The Online admission Fee is Tk. 3,500/- with a Tuition Fee of Tk. 1,500/- for each session (one session is four classes). The payment is preferable in bKash with a total amount of TK 5000/-

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