We are preparing ALOHA digital courses for the existing ALOHA students and the students who don’t want to do online classes or physical classes.

Students who are presently not enrolled with ALOHA online class or physical center will get full study material with free of charges including books and abacus. No admission fee, no monthly fee and no other charges. After completion the course will get certificate for digital course completion. 

All ALOHA digital courses are fully independent courses. Any student can learn this course without taking online classes or physical class. Each week’s class video included with the course. We have attached a downloadable self-guided transcript with each weekly class. We will also provide continuous support by email, phone and live chat.

Existing ALOHA students also can buy this digital courses @ 50% discounted price to increase their skill by practicing quizzes and oral lessons. In our ALOHA digital courses we have included many other contents for developing their cognitive skills and bits of intelligence.


ALOHA Senior Course Level One Week One Self Guided Transcript

Digital Courses Content Samples

Picture Matching improves Memory Power tremendously. We used here course materials as game contents so that students can develops their skill in course areas also.

Here we have placed Finger Images against each Number Card. Students need to match the number card with the corresponding number shows in finger which they have already learned in earlier lessons.

ALOHA Senior Level One Week One Practice Questions

Learning Skill Development Contents Included in ALOHA Senior Digital Course.

See The Samples

In addition to ALOHA Course Contents, we have included additional content for developing students' math skills and developing their cognitive skills.

We hope that you will buy our digital courses, which is a very reasonable and affordable price. Your contribution will encourage our Research & Development Team to Digitize the world’s best and 21st-century compatible educational content for the children in Maths and English Language.

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